Instagram Monetization Checklist


Discover How To Monetize Your Instagram Account And Turn It Into A Sales Machine!

Far and away one of the most frequently visited and often utilized social media platforms, even more so than Facebook, Instagram has become the “go to” platform for serious business owners, advertisers, and marketers that are looking to build their business online.

And even though Instagram is 100% free to get started with – and you can have a brand-new Instagram account up and running in less than five minutes.

The truth of the matter is the overwhelming majority of business owners, advertisers, and marketers out there aren’t using Instagram the right way to build their business or create the kind of financial future they have always dreamed of.

No, if you are going to knock your Instagram marketing right out of the park and really turn it into a powerful channel for marketing you have to know exactly what you’re doing.

On top of that, because you’re going up against already stiff and established competition, you also have to take advantage of as many shortcuts checklists as possible to get you to the top as fast as you can.

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  • Instagram does a lot of the heavy lifting for you, helping to recommend your Instagram account to other people automatically and even actively promoting your account through Instagram posts of the day, hashtags, and the like, but you really want to take ownership of your Instagram marketing right out of the gate to grow your account as large as you’re able to as fast as you’re able to. After all, the greatest content in the world matched perfectly to your ideal customers isn’t going to be worth ANYTHING unless you are getting eyeballs and actively engaging people that have chosen to follow your Instagram account. Without followers, all of your efforts are wasted completely – so you have to build that following up from the ground with lightning like speed.


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